Flavor enhancers

v g/kg
Fosfostar s barvou 3,00
Fosfostar 10 6,00
Fosfostar 30 12,00
Fosfostar 100 25,00
Fosfostar KE 9,00
Fosfostar P 25,00

Způsob balení
Způsob balení se řídí provozními potřebami zákazníka. Velikost šarže se obvykle řídí množstvím zpracovávaného díla. Nejobvyklejší jsou šarže na 50, 100, 150, 200 kg díla. Výrobek lze navážit libovolně do balení od 1 - 20 kg.

About the company

ALFA-FOOD s.r.o. is a company that has enjoyed a stable position in the market for ten years now. The company does business domestically and has lately moved into the foreign market.

The company specializes in the design, development, and presentation of additives, mixtures of additives, spices and seasonings for the meat industry and the subsequent production, distribution and sale of additives, mixtures of additives, spices and seasonings. The design, development and subsequent presentation involve employees with professional qualifications and years of experience in the industry, because the company prides itself on expertise, knowledge, experience and technological service.

Production is done on a customized basis, which enables a flexible response to the individual requirements of each customer. The individual approach given to each customer makes it possible to create special, unique and exclusively supplied products, ensuring the uniqueness and specificity of the final products of our business partners.